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Buffs R.I.P.....Here come the Musicians Of The British Empire...

Wild Billy Childish is back with his new band ‘The Musicians Of The British Empire’ featuring fellow Buffer Wolf Howard on drums and Buffet Nurse Julie on bass.

Their debut 7" will be released on DG in November, it's called 'Punk Rock At The British Legion Hall' and is backed with 'Joe Strummers Grave' - Cat Damgood 276

Every 5 years or so Billy Childish is sited by the current top band as the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll integrity, and every 5 years or so Billy splits his group up and starts again from scratch. With his latest combo, The Musicians of the British Empire, Billy carries on his tradition of home made punk and rhythm and blues. Singing odes to Joe Strummer and nodding to The Who, whilst showing the next generation what a real rock ’n’ roll group sounds like.

They play their first official gig at the Dirty Water Club in London on the 17th of November 2006, www.dirtywaterclub.co.uk


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alright kids. i'm sick of seeing zero activity here.

lets play the "my favorite billy childish poem is [insert title here] and i will now copy it out so everyone else can read it" game.

i happen to have 4 already saved on my computer, thsu i do not have to type them againCollapse )

i started reading bukowski at billy's constant reccomendationa nd i like him a lot actually. its kind of funny how they style is exactly the same. i prefer billy simple because i find hi scontent to be more compelling. and billy is a more interesting person to me so it adds taht much more "mystique".

also, halloween an di have determined that 'billy childish is dead' is crap as adocumentary and the director is a pretentious fartyface. but its absolutely priceless for all the footage when people aren't talking too much. especially priceless for shane mcgowan. ::hides in teh corner::
its also kind of funny how the director chose to end the film an hour early. there's THAT much extra random footage after the film has given us mortals the memo taht it has ended. its got some good billy interviews as well, but it would be nice if there was MORE billy and LESS weird fans.

please. say something. i clearly have nothing better to do then clog your lists up with MY pretentious drivel. mmmm.. hypocrisy.
::shuts up::


Ooh! Here's a question.

SO. No matter how much research I do, I still cannot find the end of this. Steven John Hamper? Or William Charlie/Charles Hamper?!

Steven John Hamper is believeable because he refers to himself as Steven throughout My Fault. William Charlie Hamper is believeable because he goes by "Billy"

Any answers here?